MQ® Meditation Re-bootcamp - Become a Meditation Pro in 21 Days

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The MQ® Re-bootcamp meditations are lead by the Founder of Mindfulness Intelligence®, Linda Bjork, and accompanied by sound tracks optimized for calmer brain waves and an effective meditation experience.

Every morning, starting tomorrow morning, your email inbox will receive:

  • A high-quality meditation audio file, especially designed to get you started with a powerful meditation habit.
  • A meditation card for the day, designed to enhance and deepen your meditation experience.
  • Every day builds from 5 minutes to 20 minutes with expert guidance from Linda Bjork.

No apps to download, no time to keep track of, and no excuses to not engage in the most mind-enhancing practices available online! 


What People Are Saying:

What other leadership trainers do is kindergarten level compared to Linda. She is knowledgable, everything is based in science, and once I have started doing this work, there is no going back. It has changed my life for the better.

Marti Moore, Group Vice President

I have attended mindfulness training with Linda and have found it very helpful.

Andrew, Founder/President NY-based PR-Agency, Author

I am always floored by the knowledge and deep engagement that Linda creates when she leads her meditations. I am a long-time student of hers and will recommend her programs to anyone!

Jenny Hagman, Yoga Teacher and Leadership Coach