Embracing A New Powerful Time for Women

Event hosted by The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and International Women In Business on International Women's Day 2021, with Keynote Speaker Linda Bjork

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For those with a Mindfulness Intelligence® Leadership Excellence Designation Certification (MQLE.D), signing up for and watching this webinar will give you 1 credit towards Recertification.

In this popular 55-min webinar on mindful leadership and the real success factors of the future - you will learn and experience:

How To Be Brilliant

You are already brilliant. The only question is - can you use your brain in a way where the fullness of your brilliance comes out? Linda will show you how. 

How To Be Empowed

In Step 2, you will learn what makes you disempowered and how to catch yourself and override your programming with your inherent powerful self. 

How To Be Unshakeable

Storms and hardships are natural parts of being a changemaker. Learn a surprisingly easy way to rethink just one thing in your life to achieve an unshakeable self. 

Keynote Speaker: Linda Bjork

Linda Bjork is the Founder of Mindfulness Intelligence®, heads the Inner Business Institute, and is the Author of INNER BUSINESS Training Your Mind for Leadership Success.

Linda is known for a dynamic and fun speaker style where she delivers profound insights to leadership optimization, supported by great visuals, and experiential interaction.

"The most uplifting, inspiring and informative webinar I've attended all year. It's a shot in the arm for how to stay strong as a leader."


"I appreciate the scientific aspects of becoming a mindful leader. The mix of science, mindfulness and psychology really resonated with me. Highly recommend!"


"I LOVE this!! Linda's laugh is infectious and this brought so much energy to my job and life. Thank you!"


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