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Designed for those who have a hard time making a meditation practice part of their daily routine. 

For the past 18 years, Linda Bjork has guided some of the busiest people on earth into high performing habits, teaching meditation to corporate leaders, generals in the U.S. Army, luxury fashion designers, and startup entrepreneurs.

Your New Master Plan

You already know that a meditation practice will:

  • Lower your stress by as much as 80%
  • Increase your focus¬†up to¬†90%
  • Decrease anxiety and depression around 60%
  • Lower inflammation in your blood to help you fight disease
  • Significantly help with sleep issues, including falling asleep faster and improving the quality of your sleep
  • Greatly increase focus and attention
  • Improve the quality of your relationships, and other life-enhancing benefits.¬†
  • But you still don't meditate.

Here's What's True:

  • Meditation is the secret weapon of most top performers in the world.¬†They know that 20 minutes give them¬†hours worth of energy, clarity, and focus.
  • Still, getting you to a place of willingly practice meditation every day will take scientific superpowers, cajoling¬†with your skeptic, and an¬†equal scoop¬†patience and humor.¬†
  • The Re-Bootcamp is carefully crafted to put your critical mind at ease, hush the protests from your inner saboteur, and fit right into an already crazy schedule.

It's good to resonate with the instructor's voice. Please find a few meditation samples here!

Taking You From Start To Finish

Every day, you will wake up to master guidance in your email inbox. You will get a new bootcamp card and a fresh audio file each day with easy-to-follow instructions to quickly become a meditation pro. Choose from 3 different time-zones at checkout, to make sure you receive your emails during your morning.

Meditation Re-Bootcamp


for 21 days

  • Tightly designed for busy professionals, but profound enough to make a transformative difference
  • Total hand-holding with new material every day,¬†so you're not destined to keep disciplined with apps that you won't open
  • Science-backed all the way,¬†requesting no more than¬†5-20 minutes of your precious time each day

At the Finish Line

You will join ranks¬†with¬†Ray Dalio ‚Äʬ†Oprah Winfrey ‚Äʬ†Jerry Seinfeld ‚Äʬ†Bill Gates ‚Äʬ†LeBron James ‚Äʬ†Russell Simmons ‚Äʬ†Jeff Weiner ‚Äʬ†Novak Djokovic ‚Äʬ†Jack Dorsey ‚Äʬ†Richard Branson ‚Äʬ†Kendall Jenner and other high performers who swear by meditation as their ticket to¬†staying at the top of their game.

Linda Bjork

Founder of Mindfulness Intelligence¬ģ, Linda Bjork was coined "The Meditating CEO" already back in 2009 when her agency was¬†voted Agency of The Year.¬†

Linda enjoys introducing meditation to tough crowds. Her meditation style is known for getting the most unwilling participants to benefit deeply from the practice. 

She is an elected Evolutionary Leader,¬†runs consciousness talks under "The Becoming of Business," is an Ordained Interfaith/Inter-spiritual Minister, and guides¬†leaders and managers all around the world to leadership excellence through various MQ¬ģ programs.

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Get Started Now - and Do It Right! 


Give yourself the chance to develop a meditation practice that will improve just about every aspect of your life.

  1. Stress Reduction and Mental Resilience
  2. Enhanced Productivity and Performance
  3. Work-Life Balance and Overall Well-Being

You have most likely noticed that random apps and social media videos don't do the trick. With the Meditation Re-Bootcamp, you can trust that you are investing your time with the right content, in the right order, and the right amount of time. No more, no less.

Meditation Re-Bootcamp


For 21 days

  • You'll get 21 days of Meditation Re-Bootcamp to¬†your email inbox every morning
  • One new Meditation Re-Bootcamp card each day
  • One fresh meditation audio file per day, for optimal meditation results.


If, for whatever reason, you are not happy with the Meditation Re-Bootcamp, let us know within the first 7 days and we'll grant you a refund. No questions asked.

Ok. I'm in.