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Your mind is your most valuable asset in business. The Inner Business Institute and Linda Bjork are dedicated to bringing transformative mind training to leaders and professionals everywhere. Join an international community and get the tool-belt and the connections necessary to reach powerful and meaningful impact. 

Leadership Programs with Mindfulness Intelligence®

The Mindfulness Intelligence® Coaching and Certification Program is a leadership training that stands apart from the rest. Through deep transformation, leaders and teams find a new level of executive brilliance, team collaboration, and leadership impact. 

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Mindfulness Course Package for Professionals

Linda Bjork teaches a full Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course over 8 weeks, weaving mind training from the book INNER BUSINESS. Utilized by many companies to reduce stress, increase mental wellbeing, and increase safety in the workplace.

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Get Certified as an Excellent Leader (MQLE.D)

Become an Excellent Leader - and make sure the world knows about it. Your MQLE certification will have a huge impact on you - and your teams. Join an ongoing  international group, or have your company team go through a leadership transformation together.

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Leadership in the New Paradigm is Complex

Handling the pressures of modern leadership is taking a toll on everyone individually and stands in the way for what we can accomplish together as a team. Mindfulness Intelligence® is a proven method for unparalleled transformation of leaders and teams in the workplace. Hear what a Fortune 100 Group VP has to say about it.

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Linda Bjork How To Become Super-Human

See the Founder of Mindfulness Intelligence®, Linda Bjork, in action as she shares some of her thoughts on stress, where business professionals get stuck, the subconscious mind - and shares the hope of seeing less stress, less anxiety, less conflict, more calm, more clarity - for people to finally start living up to their full potential, together.

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There's a Method to the Big Transformations

Mindfulness Intelligence® (MQ) programs are intentionally crafted for maximized personal growth and leadership impact. Learn more about the transformational curriculum here, and about how you can join an ongoing international group, or have your company team sign up together.

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Learn Mindfulness for Busy Professionals

In this INNER BUSINESS course package, you will finally have the tools you need for reducing stress, overwhelm and brain fog. Linda Bjork takes you on a journey from feeling stuck to experiencing deep, inner freedom. With the 8-week course comes the softcover and e-book of INNER BUSINESS Training Your Mind for Leadership Success, and 8 weeks of daily INNER BUSINESS cards with a brief audio meditation sent to you every morning.

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Get Your "Inner Business" In Order with This Book

This 5-star review book is meant to be your friend and guide as you journey from being stuck and stressed out to feeling powerful and free to embrace success on your own terms.


Start Your Day Right!

Support your wellness, feel balanced, and step into abundance with these "Waking Up My INNER BUSINESS" cards sent to your inbox every day for 56 days! A 2-3 minute audio file with a meditation on each card's message helps you set your mind in the right direction - showing up as the great person and competent leader that you are.

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Become A World-Class Board Director!

The Inner Business Institute is proud to present our world-class partner in unparalleled Board education to our leadership community. Join the "Becoming an Exceptional Board Director Candidate" education and certification (IBDC.D) course and experience making a meaningful impact from a board seat.

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Learn The New Secrets of Landing A Dream Job

"I review, shortlist and recommend hundreds of candidates to various management positions every year. What separates those who succeed and those who don’t is less their skillset and more their mindset," says Guest Speaker and Top Executive Recruiter Gunilla Girardo.

The Inner Business Institute is excited to offer a course with Linda Bjork and Gunilla Girardo that not only will fine-tune your application package to hit all the right spots, but that also upgrades your mindset significantly. Next up: April 29 and June 14, 2022.

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