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Your mind is your most valuable asset in business. The Inner Business Institute and Linda Bjork are dedicated to bringing transformative mind training to leaders and professionals everywhere. 

Leadership Excellence Programs for Companies

The Mindfulness Intelligence® Leadership Excellence Program is a leadership training that stands apart from the rest. Through deep transformation, leaders can finally impact engagement, attract and retain talent and drive better results. With MQ, bosses become leaders and groups become teams. 

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Start Your Own Leadership  Transformation

Most managers and leaders who go through the MQ Leadership training get to hear "You're the best boss I've ever had!" Join an ongoing program and international leadership group now and become the impactful leader you are meant to be; appreciated, empowering, well compensated - and certified! 

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Transformational Keynotes & Lectures with Ms Bjork 

Linda Bjork shares a superhuman perspective on how to make leaders and teams live up to their full potential - with science, deep wisdom, and a disarming sense of humor. Based in NYC and CT, Linda frequents stages and educational company conferences in the United States and Europe.

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Meditation Re-Bootcamp

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MIND SKILLS by Linda Bjork & Stephanie Mitchko

"Mind Skills: Unleash Your Potential to Lead in the Big Leagues" offers a groundbreaking approach to leadership development, merging the worlds of business and technology with consciousness expansion and mindfulness practices. This book introduces readers to transformative methods that are reshaping the landscape of modern leadership.

Stephanie Mitchko, recent CTO of Fortune 100 company Charter Communications, and Linda Bjork, Founder of Mindfulness Intelligence, have worked together for years to elevate the principle of leadership in the big leagues. Now they’re sharing the transformational methods that emerged from their unconventional partnership.

With a unique perspective from the top and from the mind trainer who helps people get there, this book shares the surprising elements of creating big impact, which mind skills are most vital to making it happen – and the stories you’d otherwise never get to hear.

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Most Popular Speaker Topics with Linda Bjork 2024

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"I read Linda's book after hearing her speak at an Executive Women's Conference in New York. Hearing her speak, I was immediately drawn to her skillful use of humor, experience and mindfulness. I took the book with me on a trip a few days later and read the whole book in two or three days. It is not often that I break out in complete belly laughter reading a personal growth book! As a woman executive in the financial services industry, I have had several coaches and have read countless books about developing not only as a leader but also as a person. I love Linda's "keep it real" attitude and her keen insight into what might hold us back as successful women. I love her use of humor and wit, and see it not as a detraction from the content, but as a great tool to make me remember concepts and skills in my own life. After reading the book, I signed up for Linda's coaching program and the work I did there has had a profound impact on my personal growth. I have finally learned to listen to my inner voice and intuition, and have honed my skills on how to help that inner voice come out more often! I have gifted this book to many friends and colleagues, and they all loved it! Enjoy!"

~ Mary Lundstrom, 5-star Amazon review 

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Leadership in a Constantly Changing Reality is Complex

Handling the pressures of modern leadership is taking a toll on everyone individually and stands in the way for what we can accomplish together as a team. Mindfulness Intelligence® is a proven method for unparalleled transformation of leaders and teams in the workplace. Hear what a Fortune 100 Group VP has to say as she shares her experiences.

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Linda Bjork How To Be Human and Super-Human

See the Founder of Mindfulness Intelligence®, Linda Bjork, in action as she shares some of her thoughts on stress, where business professionals get stuck, the subconscious mind - and shares the hope of seeing less stress, less anxiety, less conflict, more calm, more clarity - for people and companies to finally start living up to their full potential.

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Start Your Day Right!

Support your wellness, feel balanced, and step into abundance with these "Waking Up My INNER BUSINESS" cards sent to your inbox every day for 56 days! A 2-3 minute audio file with a meditation on each card's message helps you set your mind in the right direction - showing up as the great person and competent leader that you are.

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Get Your "Inner Business" In Order with This Book

This 5-star review book is meant to be your friend and guide as you journey from being stuck and stressed out to feeling powerful and free to embrace success on your own terms.

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Become A World-Class Board Director!

The Inner Business Institute is proud to present our world-class partner in unparalleled Board education to our leadership community. Join the "Becoming an Exceptional Board Director Candidate" education and certification (IBDC.D) course and experience making a meaningful impact from a board seat.

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