Make Leadership Work for Your Organization

Increase Engagement • Attract and Retain Talent • Excel in Change 

Excellent Leadership requires transformation of both mind and heart. Mindfulness Intelligence® guides company teams to solid method of transformation. The results are immediately felt in increased levels of collaboration, teamwork and respect, and seen longer term in shareholder returns through engaged teams, talent retention, and increased innovation.

Transforming Leadership 

Hear Fortune 100 CTO Stephanie Mitchko talk about her experience with Mindfulness Intelligence training that she has chosen to deploy in many (skeptical) teams. Only inner training can get us out of ego positions, shift mindsets, create winning teams, and finally start collaborate in a way that is necessary for innovation, talent retention and results. "Consciousness training is a hard sell for business - but once you start this kind of training and experience the results, there's no going back."

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Introducing MQLE Leadership Excellence 

The Mindfulness Intelligence® Leadership Excellence Program transforms bosses into leaders, and groups become teams. The Program is built on the four pillars of Mindfulness Intelligence® - Stress Resilience, Attention Control, Mind Management, and Changeability. 

Proven Method

Mindfulness Intelligence® gets to the source of leadership: our minds. The building blocks are proven to deliver real personal and leadership transformation.


An MQ Workbook is included to support transformation, plus an online MQ Training Area with all digital resources available for participants for a whole year.

Tangible Results

Due to the depth of the MQLE Program, the results run deep. Only mindful people will care enough to question the status quo and find collaborative solutions. 

MQLE Transformational Results

You and your company can expect both immediate and long-lasting results from the MQLE Program.

The program is designed with fine-tuned building blocks for everyone to become masterful at change, conflict and unexpected challenges.

Interpersonal and intra-personal results such as kindness, open-mindedness and collaboration translate quickly into great business gains - including improved sales performance, greater negotiation outcomes, better and more precise project management, and on-time deliveries.

When your leaders and teams finally work together for the good of the whole, the culture will improve, innovation levels will increase, and everyone gets to feel a sense of purpose and belonging - all invaluable gains to a company.

With the MQLE Program in your organization, you are also providing a great service to the mental and emotional wellbeing of your people. That will always pay off - most noticeably with less sick-leave, less turn-over and better workplace relationships.

*Results above are independently measured when engaging in these small daily methods for 8 weeks.

Leaders Learn

  • How To Engage Teams
  • Attract and Retain Talent
  • Lead with Executive Presence

Teams Learn

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Collaboration
  • Drive Team Results

Individuals Learn

  • Mental/Emotional Wellbeing
  • Ego Regulation
  • Authentic Confidence

The Transformational MQLE Curriculum

 The MQ Leadership Excellence program is delivered live online (or partly in person) through 8 modules over 8 weeks for maximum transformation.

Stress Makeover

70% of your workforce is stressed or highly stressed, which renders them ineffective as leaders and decision-makers. Stress is the major cause of seven of our most deadly illnesses, and severs mental capacities and emotional balance - a kiss of death for your results. 

With the most cutting-edge methods and tools in stress resilience for professionals, everyone will learn how to master stress once and for all, lowering stress levels by as much as 80%.

Your Inner Company

Ego, guilt, grievances and worry will literally ruin someone's career, wellbeing and team impact. We have several inner functions that rule our lives, and some of us are also held back by workplace trauma. 

Everyone learns to identify and work with 10 inner functions that get in our way of inner wellbeing, collaborative capabilities and success. This is where we  ultimately “get out of your own way” and start making business decisions from the right mental space.

Better Business Brain

In order to be effective, you need to be aware of how the brain does and doesn't work. This module is as essential as it is surprising. New, applicable brain insights are coupled with a “brain boot camp” for compassionate leaders who want to make a big, purposeful impact. 

Here, everyone can finally move from reaction to action, and rewire our brains for better decision-making, better mood and vastly improved executive functions, including agility and innovation.

The Power Game

Power dynamics are difficult to manage at best - and detrimental to all results at worst. Here, everyone gets to understand what long-term research reveals about our relationship to power and how we can lead teams in a healthy, empowered way. 

As we learn game-changing aspects of power and being present, team members' ability to have impact and focus on the right things will increase dramatically. Rumination will decrease by 25%, as will chronic fatigue.

Reading People

A leader with conscious impact needs to have a high level of self-awareness and know how to read the room. Here, we learn the formula for how to connect with people and events on a deeper level, predict other people’s moves, and take intelligent action. 

As everyone gets to know new aspects of themselves and the energetic makeup of life, they will know how to read and influence co-workers, teams and negotiating parties.

Ready for Change

The world is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous all at once, spinning faster than ever. Leaders need to know how to negotiate naturally arising fears around change in both themselves and their teams - or fall short as a change-maker. 

Here, we explore the field of superhuman science with insights and skills for future-facing leadership: Innovate on a whole new level and retain talent in your organization through the MQ key Changeability. 

Winning Habits

Most of our habits work against us - primarily in our minds. We have become unable to change our future as a result of distractions or our autopilot taking over. Here, we will understand why and how to break free from “unbreakable” habits and replace them with a winning mind and resilient heart. 

To influence a healthy development of the company, including important DEI and ESG work, everyone needs to adopt winning mind habits.

Orchestrating Impact

By now, we have been through a personal transformation with new-found access to our own talents and genius. Leading teams to success and the company to new heights also requires an ability to orchestrate the energy of impact.

The final module of the MQLE Program makes sure that people can embody Executive Presence, understand what kind of impact they're meant to make, and know how to navigate the new paradigm of business. 

Meet The Founder & Lead Instructor

Linda Bjork leads the Inner Business Institute, is the Founder of Mindfulness Intelligence® and the Author of the popular leadership book “Inner Business - Training Your Mind for Leadership Success.” She also leads professionals all over the globe to their highest leadership potential.

“I’m a CEO, I’ve been meditating since 1996, and I still believe in deodorant, having fun at work, and making great profits.”


In addition to her engineering, design and business background, Linda Bjork is a Certified MBSR Leader, a Certified Success Coach, and an Ordained Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister. She serves on the Board of One Spirit Learning Alliance, and leads evolutionary business conversations through The Becoming of Business. Linda was elected an Evolutionary Leader in 2022.

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Who Benefits from MQLE?

The Mindfulness Intelligence® Leadership Excellence program is designed for senior and mid-level managers who want to amplify their impact, strengthen team engagement and step into their full potential to meet current and future challenges.

As a mind-skills program, MQLE is an experiential learning journey that offers training support between the eight weekly modules. The MQLE Curriculum is designed for busy professionals seeking to transform their leadership skillsets for the new paradigm of business.

Organizations that have turned to the MQLE program realized the degree to which their own teams had been held back by their low capacity to handle high stress and overwhelm, their failure to engage teams, their costly inability of attracting and retaining talent, or they have been frustrated by their involuntary lack of focus and on-time deliveries.

Mindfulness Intelligence® is not limited to suit any one particular industry. Commonalities are organizations seeking to grow to a new level, going through changes or challenges, losing talent rapidly, or having disengaged employees. 

Company Groups That...

  • Are under a lot of pressure and stress, and can’t afford to make mistakes
  • Long for a more collaborative and respectful workplace, that need to work better together and produce better results together
  • Need to future-proof innovation levels while being time and resource efficient
  • Implement D.E.I work or change-management
  • Need support to grow through difficult times 
  • Want to support minority teams, such as women in male dominated industries, etc.
MQLE Participating Industries To Date
MQLE Participating Roles To Date

The next step for you and your organization is to set up a call with or send an email to The Inner Business Institute to explore if MQLE will meet your objectives and solve your challenges. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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International Leadership Certification

Participants who complete the Mindfulness Intelligence® Leadership Excellence Program qualify for the international leadership certification MQLE.D, granted by the Inner Business Institute.

The certification is an important mark of accomplishment, and point of pride and belonging. Companies can also opt to make the MQLE.D certification a part of their Management Promotion requirement program. 

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Program Experience

Hear Fortune 100 Group VP Marti Moore talk about the impact the MQLE program has made in her own life and the teams around her.

"This isn't just another leadership development program... it's like grade school compared to Linda's program."

"It's a program where you get to know yourself at a much deeper level, so that you can become the leader you were meant to be."

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Looking for MQLE for Individual Professionals? 

More Information

The best way to understand what the MQLE Program can do for your company - if it's a fit, if the timing is right, etc, is to set up a call with Linda Bjork at the Inner Business Institute. The one thing we know about leadership challenges at work is that they never go away by doing nothing. Rather, they quickly get worse. Book your call here.

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Additional MQLE Offers

The Inner Business Institute offers several programs, products and services to support leadership impact. Please find our most recommended below.

Executive Coaching

The only thing great leaders have in common is that they have a skilled coach in their corner. Highly recommended for senior leaders and mid-level managers to get out of stuck patterns, find clarity and specific next steps.

Offer: Executive Coaching packages and single emergency sessions for active MQLE participants and graduates. Sessions run 55 min.

Advanced MQLE Program

MQLE Graduates can continue with an even deeper set of MQLE training classes. This continued support is designed to help the specific group navigate their immediate needs and learning to practice the MQ Leadership tools in the challenges of daily business.

Offer: Weekly 75-minute Advanced MQLE sessions, 8 or 12 weeks.

Interconnected Innovation Course

Innovation requires having access to our own genius, and the ability to collaborate. This add-on course to the MQLE Program will take care of both. Highly encouraged for team members whose creative and innovative abilities are relied upon for company growth and success.

Offer: Interconnected Innovation Course with 4 modules, 2h/ea.

Company-wide Stress-Reduction

Awareness in leadership and teamwork is not a one-time deal. Although MQLE Graduates are operating at a significantly higher level than before, continuous practice is key to ongoing growth and mental/emotional wellbeing. Offering weekly stress-reduction sessions is also a way of bringing the company together in 'being' and 'belonging' together at work. Especially important for remote teams and companies.

Offer: Weekly stress-reduction sessions (30 min) live online, typically engaged 12 sessions at a time.

MQLE Primer Lecture

Transformation requires a little receptivity and some willingness to work. If you are unsure how awareness training and Mindfulness Intelligence® would land in your organization, consider introducing transformative concepts in a dynamic and engaging lecture format for everyone to "try before they buy". Transformative also as a stand-alone lecture. Tailored to current challenges.

Offer: MQLE Primer, 90-minute live lecture (online or in-person). 

International Women Leaders Group

Being a woman leader comes with its own set of blessings and challenges. Every week, the MQLE International Women's Group gather for a group lecture and group conversation to support our leadership excellence. 

Linda Bjork leads these Group Training calls with the latest, most relevant findings to enhance the leadership skills of all members. 

Offer: Weekly 50-minute MQLE International Women Leaders group sessions. Monthly or 6-month memberships. 

Ready For Your Full Potential?

It requires courage to step onto the cutting edge of leadership and business. If you feel like a big level is for you, your next step is to set up a call with or send an email to The Inner Business Institute. 

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