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Linda Bjork shares a superhuman perspective on how to make leaders and teams live up to their full potential - with science, deep wisdom, and a disarming sense of humor

Prepare to embark on a transformative mind-training journey with Linda Bjork, where audiences are guided towards profound self-awareness, collective brilliance, and alignment with organizational goals. 

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Speaker: Linda Bjork

Founder of Mindfulness Intelligence¬ģ, Author of INNER BUSINESS and MIND SKILLS, Former Award-Winning CEO, based in New York City and Greenwich, CT, USA.¬†

Unlock the Potential of Your Leaders and Teams with Mindfulness Intelligence¬ģ

MQ¬ģ¬†transcends conventional mindfulness and emotional intelligence frameworks, offering a comprehensive system for outstanding leadership.

In MQ¬ģ Speeches, audiences delve into a treasure trove of self-awareness tools and cutting-edge science. From influencing teams and defusing conflict to fostering safe environments and driving collaborative efforts, participants gain invaluable insights into reading rooms and steering towards optimal future outcomes.

With an unwavering passion for science and a profound understanding of the human experience, Linda seamlessly blends captivating research discoveries with actionable strategies. She empowers individuals to embrace their full potential and evolve into the most effective leaders possible.

Discover MQ¬ģ Speeches such as:

  1. Mind Training for Next Level Safety and Security
  2. A New Mind for AI and Change Leadership 
  3. Leading Self & Unleashing Collective Brilliance

Elevate your leadership game with Mindfulness Intelligence¬ģ and embark on a journey towards unparalleled success.

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Empower your DEI and ESG Champions with the Essential Tools of Resilience and Mindfulness

In today's corporate landscape, DEI and ESG initiatives stand as paramount priorities, yet they often encounter resistance and misconceptions.

Linda specializes in equipping organizations with the strategies needed to bolster their "DEI warriors" and "ESG defenders". Her approach ensures they:

  • Cultivate sustainable practices for mental and emotional wellness.
  • Embrace an authentic and compelling communication style.
  • Discover innovative methods to overcome resistance and garner support for critical initiatives.

Explore the transformative options of Mind Skills and Resilience for DEI and ESG Work:

  • Mind¬†Training for Championing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
  • The Inner Business of¬†Environmental, Social & Governance Goals

Elevate your company's commitment to diversity, equity, and sustainability with Linda's expertise. Invest in your team's capacity to drive meaningful change and foster a culture of inclusion and responsibility.

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Elevate Your Event with Linda's Dynamic Keynotes of Self-Discovery and Unparalleled Inspiration

Let your audiences embark on a transformative journey with Linda's captivating keynote speeches, where she delves into the intricate science and boundless potential of human leadership.

Whether delivering concise or extensive addresses, Linda ensures her audience connects deeply with their inner essence, igniting a resonance with their innate brilliance.

Prepare to be spellbound by Linda's experiential approach, where every keynote is a gateway to profound insights and transformative epiphanies. Audiences are left buzzing with a plethora of 'aha' moments, while event organizers marvel at the newfound energy infusing every corner of the conference.

Sample Linda's popular keynote topics:

  • How To Win in Business Without Losing Yourself
  • Executive Presence On-Demand: Mastering Confidence and¬†Leadership Impact
  • Inner Business Mastery:¬†Outer Success Starts from Within
  • Heart-Shaped Power: The¬†Impact of Wisdom & Empathy in¬†Leadership
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The Inner Business of Brand Alignment 

Dive into "The Inner Business of Brand Alignment" with Linda Bjork, a visionary leader boasting a decade of success as the CEO of an internationally acclaimed branding agency.

In today's dynamic market, brand alignment is as crucial as it is complex. Linda's unique approach goes beyond the strategic surface and aligns individuals with the energetic essence of the brand. This is especially important during pivotal moments such as brand launches, platform upgrades, or when misalignment stifles growth.

Through engaging lecture-style mind-training sessions, stakeholders immerse themselves in the brand's identity, learning to embody its values, vision, and storytelling potential.

Additionally, Linda offers expert consulting to fine-tune brand platforms, ensuring they unleash their full potential for connection and effectiveness.

The Inner Business of Brand Alignment includes:

  • Being the Brand
  • Storytelling Map‚ĄĘ
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Elevating Female Leadership: A Global Phenomenon

Linda Bjork, a sought-after speaker at Women Leadership Conferences worldwide, offers empowering strategies tailored to female leaders.

Leveraging data, science, and wisdom, Linda demonstrates how feminine qualities are essential in shaping the new landscape of business and leadership. Harnessing these qualities effectively is paramount for fostering conscious leadership on a global scale.

Audiences gain profound and practical insights into overcoming success barriers such as victimhood and negative self-talk. Instead, they learn to cultivate a superhuman approach to power and influence.

Options for Empowering Female Leadership:

  • The Power Playbook: Unleashing Female Leadership Potential
  • Inner Business: Transforming Women into Global Leaders
  • How to Pave the Way for Female-Led Futures
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Mind-Training for Next-Level Safety

Achieve 'vision zero'¬†workplace safety and elevated productivity with¬†an MQ¬ģ Safety Intelligence or MQ¬ģ Mind Armor lecture tailored for safety leaders in heavy industries or security leaders in the cybersecurity world.

Attendees learn how the brain is hard-wired for stress. With modern pressures, workers are constantly triggered to react with their stress response system, which automates many unsafe behaviors.

Clear instructions to follow safety regulations are not enough to prevent accidents. Safe behaviors require that workers train their bodies and minds to redirect automated stress responses to safety.

During this lecture, Linda will share methods for mitigating stress and overwhelm, maintaining focus and energy, and applying cutting-edge brain science for optimized performance. She will also equip your team with practical tools that can be immediately applied in the workplace, helping them handle overwhelming pressures and distractions while promoting engagement, loyalty, and resilience. 

  • MQ¬ģ Safety Intelligence¬†
  • MQ¬ģ Mind Armor for Security Leaders
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Meet The Speaker

Linda Bjork stands as a beacon of transformative leadership, gracing stages worldwide for over two decades. With an unparalleled blend of scientific rigor, profound wisdom, and an infectious sense of humor, she propels professionals towards their zenith of leadership excellence.

A former Award-Winning CEO hailed as "The Meditating CEO" since 2007, Ms. Bjork now spearheads the Inner Business Institute, pioneering groundbreaking concepts like Mindfulness Intelligence¬ģ. Her influence extends through her bestselling book "Inner Business - Training Your Mind for Leadership Success" and the co-authored¬†leadership guide¬†"Mind Skills" with esteemed technologist Stephanie Mitchko, former CTO of Fortune 100 Charter Communications.

Beyond her engineering, design, and business acumen, Linda Bjork holds credentials as a Certified MBSR Leader and a Certified Success Coach. Her spiritual dedication shines through as an Ordained Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister, guiding clients towards profound transformation. She lends her expertise to the Board of One Spirit Learning Alliance and fosters evolutionary dialogues in business realms through The Becoming of Business initiative.

In 2022, Linda earned the prestigious title of Evolutionary Leader, a testament to her unwavering commitment to catalyzing positive change in the world of business and beyond. 

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Additional MQLE Offers

The Inner Business Institute offers several programs, products and services to support leadership impact. Please find a selection below.

Mind-Training Programs for Leaders & Managers

Achieving excellence in leadership demands a profound transformation of both the mind and heart. Mindfulness Intelligence¬ģ offers a comprehensive approach, integrating neuroscience, evolutionary thought-leadership, and organizational psychology to guide your company teams toward lasting transformation.

Experience immediate benefits, including reduced stress and distractions, along with heightened collaboration, teamwork, and respect. Over the long term, witness the impact through improved leadership culture and shareholder returns. 

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Offer: 8-week program.

MQLE Leadership Excellence for Individuals

Mindfulness Intelligence¬ģ delves into the core of leadership and success: our minds. Built on proven principles, this program facilitates profound personal and leadership transformation.

Experience a journey to superhuman leadership heights with MQLE. Witness immediate reductions in stress, worry, and stagnation, while boosting confidence, clarity, and a remarkable ability to influence people, situations, and outcomes. Embark on your path to unparalleled leadership excellence today.

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Offer: 12-weeks with international leaders, including program and coaching.

Company-wide Stress-Reduction

Achieving heightened awareness in leadership and teamwork isn't a one-time achievement‚ÄĒit's an ongoing journey. While MQ Graduates operate at significantly elevated levels, consistent practice remains key to sustained growth and mental/emotional wellbeing.

Introducing weekly stress-reduction sessions serves as a powerful avenue for fostering unity and connection within the company. By prioritizing collective 'being' and 'belonging,' these sessions are particularly invaluable for remote teams and companies. Elevate your team's cohesion and wellbeing by embracing ongoing development opportunities today.

Offer: Weekly stress-reduction sessions and digital support

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