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Linda Bjork shares a superhuman perspective on how to make leaders and teams live up to their full potential - with science, deep wisdom, and a disarming sense of humor

Linda Bjork guides audiences to deeper self-awareness, team-awareness, and alignment with company objectives through transformative mind training. The results are felt overall in increased levels of leadership skills, collaborative attitudes and purposeful focus. 

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Speaker: Linda Bjork

Founder of Mindfulness Intelligence®, Author of INNER BUSINESS and Former Award-Winning CEO, based in New York City and Greenwich, CT, USA. 

Mindfulness Intelligence® Tools for Excellent Leaders

Mindfulness Intelligence® (MQ) is a leadership system that reaches far beyond both mindfulness and emotional intelligence. 

In MQ® Speeches, audiences learn some of the best tools for self-awareness and superhuman science. Influencing teams, diffusing conflict, creating safe spaces, collaborating effectively, reading rooms, and orchestrating the best outcomes for the future.

With a love for science and a keen interest in the challenges that come with the human condition, Linda connects fascinating findings with practical tools for anyone to become the best version of themselves. 

Mindfulness Intelligence® Tools for Excellent Leaders options:

  • Soft Skills for Hard Results
  • Mind Skills for Collaboration 
  • Mind Skills for Fast Change 
  • Mind Skills for Superhuman Leadership
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Mind Skills and Resilience for DEI & ESG Work

DEI and ESG initiatives have never been as high up on the corporate agenda as they are today.

As with many "beyond immediate earnings" agendas, these initiatives are challenged with misunderstandings and pushback.

Linda works with organizations to support their "DEI warriors" and "ESG defenders" to make sure that they:

  • Have sustainable strategies for their own mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Speak and act from an attractive and engaging place within
  • Learn new ways to bypass resistance and make people want to support relevant initiatives.

Mind Skills for DEI and ESG Work options:  

  • Mind Skills & Resilience for Championing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging
  • Mind Skills & Resilience for Championing Environmental, Social & Governance Goals 
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Keynote Speeches

Linda gives keynotes on the science and wisdom of the human potential – and how superhuman leadership works.

Whether short or long speeches, Linda makes sure that the audience gets to connect with their inner selves and align with their inner brilliance.

Due to the experiential nature and deeply transformative quality of Linda's keynotes, audiences are known to rave about their many aha-moments. Organizers also appreciate how everyone gets energized to absorb more of the conference agenda.

Examples of Keynotes:

  • How To Win in Business Without Losing Yourself
  • Empowering The Leader Within
  • The Inner Business of Sustainability 
  • The Inner Business of Inclusion & Belonging
  • What's Taken You Here Won't Take You There (Mind Skills for Change)
  • How To Collaborate with Annoying People
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The Inner Business of Brand Alignment 

After 10 years as an Award-winning CEO of an internationally acclaimed branding agency, Linda Bjork works with companies to align company brands with their people. 

The Inner Business of Brand Alignment is especially relevant when updated brand platforms are about to launch or when brand misalignment has stifled results. 

The aim of this work is for people to deeply and quickly align with the platforms' essence and vision. This service includes lecture-style mind-training to help stakeholders be and breathe the brand. Linda also offers consulting to fine-tune the final platform to maximize its human potential and effectiveness.

The Inner Business of Brand Alignment includes:

  • Being and Breathing the Brand
  • Consulting on brand platform
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Empowering Female Leadership

A frequent Speaker at Women Leadership Conferences around the globe, Linda Bjork specifically shares mind methods to empower female leadership. 

Linda brings data, science and wisdom to show how female qualities are a staple of the new paradigm of business and leadership. Utilizing these qualities in the right way will be conclusive to the success of conscious leadership globally.

Audiences also get to sort out success-killers such as victimhood, poor-me syndrome, and other defeating mind habits - and instead find a superhuman relationship to power and influence.

Empowering Female Leadership options:

  • The Power Playbook for Women Leaders
  • Inner Business for Global Leadership 
  • How To Make the Future Female
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MQLE Primer Lecture

Mindfulness Intelligence® Leadership Excellence (MQLE) is a transformational leadership program offered to both organizations and individuals.

Since the program requires a time commitment of a weekly lecture for 8 weeks, companies may want to "try before they buy" and make sure that their leaders and managers are ripe for this level of leadership transformation.

With this lecture, companies can gauge how awareness training and Mindfulness Intelligence® could benefit their organization - and identify who are best suited to join the MQLE program. The lecture itself is transformative with many "how to" mind tools for the complexity of modern leadership. The lecture can be tailored to current company challenges and goals.

MQLE Primer options:

  • 90-min live lecture in person
  • 90-min live lecture online
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Meet The Speaker

Linda Bjork has been on stages around the world for the past 20 years. She leads professionals to their highest leadership potential with science, deep wisdom and a warm sense of humor.

As a decade-long, former Award-Winning CEO, Ms Bjork became known as "The Meditating CEO" already in 2007. Now, she leads the Inner Business Institute, is the Founder of Mindfulness Intelligence® and the Author of the popular leadership book “Inner Business - Training Your Mind for Leadership Success” and have co-authored "Mind Skills" with recent CTO of Charter Communications, Stephanie Mitchko. 

“I’m a CEO, I’ve been meditating since 1996, and I still believe in deodorant, having fun at work, and making great profits.”  ~ LINDA BJORK

In addition to her engineering, design and business background, Linda Bjork is a Certified MBSR Leader, a Certified Success Coach, and an Ordained Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister. She serves on the Board of One Spirit Learning Alliance, and leads evolutionary business conversations through The Becoming of Business. Linda was elected an Evolutionary Leader in 2022.

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Additional MQLE Offers

The Inner Business Institute offers several programs, products and services to support leadership impact. Please find our most recommended below.

MQLE Leadership Excellence for Companies

Excellent Leadership requires transformation of both mind and heart. Mindfulness Intelligence® guides company teams to solid transformation through neuroscience, evolutionary thought-leadership, and organizational psychology.

The results are immediately felt in increased levels of collaboration, teamwork and respect, and seen longer term in shareholder returns through engaged teams, talent retention, and increased innovation. Read more here.

Offer: Weekly 75-minute MQLE sessions, 8 weeks. Minimum of 8 participants.

MQLE Leadership Excellence for Individuals

Mindfulness Intelligence® gets to the source of leadership and success: our minds. The building blocks are proven to deliver deep personal and leadership transformation. 

This program guides professionals to superhuman leadership levels. The results are immediately felt in decreased levels of stress, worry, and perpetual stuckness, and in increased levels of confidence, clarity - and an uncanny ability to influence people, situations and outcomes in our lives. Read more here.

Offer: Weekly 50-minute MQLE session for 8 weeks, Weekly group training with international leadership group for 12 weeks, plus 3 individual coaching sessions with Linda Bjork.

International Women Leaders Group

Being a woman leader comes with its own set of blessings and challenges. Every week, the MQLE International Women's Group gather for a group lecture and group conversation to support our leadership excellence. 

Linda Bjork leads these Group Training calls with the latest, most relevant findings to enhance the leadership skills of all members. 

Offer: Weekly 50-minute MQLE International Women Leaders group sessions. Monthly or 6-month memberships. 

Interconnected Innovation Course

Innovation requires having access to our own genius, and the ability to collaborate. This add-on course to the MQLE Program will take care of both. Highly encouraged for team members whose creative and innovative abilities are relied upon for company growth and success.

Offer: Interconnected Innovation Course with 4 modules, 2h/ea.

Executive Coaching

The only thing great leaders have in common is that they have a skilled coach in their corner. Highly recommended for senior leaders and mid-level managers to get out of stuck patterns, find clarity and specific next steps.

Offer: Executive Coaching packages and single emergency sessions for active MQLE participants and graduates. Sessions run 55 min.

Company-wide Stress-Reduction

Awareness in leadership and teamwork is not a one-time deal. Although MQLE Graduates are operating at a significantly higher level than before, continuous practice is key to ongoing growth and mental/emotional wellbeing. Offering weekly stress-reduction sessions is also a way of bringing the company together in 'being' and 'belonging' together at work. Especially important for remote teams and companies.

Offer: Weekly stress-reduction sessions (30 min) live online, typically engaged 12 sessions at a time.

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To further inquire about Linda Bjork, please set up a call or send an email to The Inner Business Institute.