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You have a calling on your life. Mindfulness Intelligence® will get you there.

Mindfulness Intelligence® guides professionals to superhuman levels through a solid method of transformation. The results are immediately felt in decreased levels of stress, worry, and perpetual stuckness, and in increased levels of wellbeing, self-appreciation - and an uncanny ability to influence people, situations and outcomes in our lives.

Master Stress & Overwhelm • Become Superhuman • Make Big and Meaningful Impact 

Transforming Leadership 

Hear Fortune 100 CTO Stephanie Mitchko talk about her experience with Mindfulness Intelligence training that she has chosen to deploy in many of her teams - even some skeptical ones. Only inner training can get us out of ego positions, shift mindsets, create winning teams, and finally start collaborating in a way that is necessary for innovation, talent retention and results.

"Consciousness training is a hard sell for business - but once you start this kind of training and experience the results, there's no going back."

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Introducing MQLE - The Mindfulness Intelligence® Leadership Excellence Program

The MQLE Program for Individual Professionals is a transformational process that earns you the International Leadership Excellence Certification MQLE.D - 12 weeks of live weekly training calls with an international group of leaders, 8 transformational modules delivered online over 8 weeks, and 3 coaching sessions with Linda Bjork.

Proven Method

Mindfulness Intelligence® gets to the source of leadership: our minds. The building blocks are proven to deliver deep personal and leadership transformation.


An MQ Workbook and an online MQLE Program Platform are there to support your transformation. All live sessions are recorded and digital resources are for the participants to keep.

Leadership Community

Learning new insights and sharing ideas together with a high-level international leadership group is priceless. The live weekly MQLE training calls keep us connected and inspired. 


MQLE Transformational Curriculum

For the international MQLE groups, a new module is released every week for 8 weeks, for each member to watch on their own time. Click + to read about each transformational module.

New Skills Through MQLE

Your skills will transform on three interconnected levels:

As Your Own Person:

  • Mental Clarity & Brain Optimization
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Drawing Healthy Boundaries
  • Heart-Brain Coherence
  • Authentic Confidence
  • Ego Regulation
  • Clean Up of Erroneous Programming Standing In Your Way

As a Team Leader:

  • How To Engage Teams
  • Lead with Executive Presence
  • Emotional Safety
  • Read People and Rooms
  • Attract and Retain Talent
  • Conflict Resolution for Teams
  • Facilitate Collaboration
  • Better Decision-making

As a World-Changer:

  • Orchestrate Energy to Flow Your Way
  • Negotiate Beyond Compromise
  • Energetically Ready for Big Business
  • Communicating in an Empowered and Authentic Voice
  • Connected on All Levels
  • Fulfilling Your Vision and Legacy
  • Leading the New Paradigm

Interpersonal and intra-personal skills such as kindness, open-mindedness and collaboration have erroneously been dismissed as secondary soft skills. Reality will have us know that the opposite is true: leading with empathy, vulnerability and facilitating teamwork quickly translate into great business gains - including improved sales performance, greater negotiation outcomes, and the ability to impact and inspire change.


  • Leading with care without becoming a push-over requires major skill.
  • Leading with empathy without getting caught up in other people's business takes specific practice. 
  • Leading with great influence without getting in our own way necessitates support.

With the MQLE Program, you will learn how to lead yourself, your teams and your partners to work with skillful, constructive and inspired energy. The culture around you can finally improve, innovation levels will increase, and everyone gets to feel a sense of purpose and belonging around your leadership.

MQLE Transformational Results

The MQLE Program is designed with fine-tuned building blocks  to master change, conflict and unexpected challenges.

The measurable improvement metrics are impressive: With 65% increased efficiency, 88% increased attention and focus, 76% increased workplace relationships, 33% improved sleep quality, paired with 80% decrease in stress and overwhelm, and 60% decrease in anxiety and depression. Add to that 15% decrease in inflammation in the blood, and we can understand how beneficial this method is for all matters of health.

We can also measure money and time. MQLE Graduates report the most incredible increases in salary, compensation, and sales, while feeling they have more time for things they love. As much as we love having time and seeing money flow in - there are areas we can't measure as precisely that most graduates value the most:

They report being happier than ever; having taken courageous steps they never would have fathomed before MQLE; feeling lighter and freer from having let go of old hurts and grievances; feeling like they finally have found meaning in what they do; feeling safe and at home in themselves; feeling whole from making space for their spiritual wellbeing while having impact in the world.

The lists go on and tend to be specific to what becomes important to the person getting to know themselves deeply, lovingly and fully along the journey. We can't measure these metrics on paper, but we know that you resonate with their importance.

*Results above are independently measured when engaging in these small daily methods for 8 weeks.

Questions This Program Will Answer:

  • How do I make an impact when I seem to always get overlooked for my capacity?
  • How do I become "super" anything when I'm mostly in catch-up mode or otherwise stressed out?
  • How do I make a whole lot more money than I do today?
  • Why is it so hard to engage people beyond giving them a promotion?
  • How do I know what my purpose is and what my next step should be? 
  • How can I be an empathetic and caring leader without wasting all my time listening to people's problems? 
  • How do I stay present when there is so much to plan for and worry about? 

Meet The Founder & Lead Instructor

Linda Bjork leads the Inner Business Institute, is the Founder of Mindfulness Intelligence® and the Author of the popular leadership book “Inner Business - Training Your Mind for Leadership Success.” She also leads professionals all over the globe to their highest leadership potential.

“I’m a CEO, I’ve been meditating since 1996, and I still believe in deodorant, having fun at work, and making great profits.”


In addition to her engineering, design and business background, Linda Bjork is a Certified MBSR Leader, a Certified Success Coach, and an Ordained Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister. She serves on the Board of One Spirit Learning Alliance, and leads evolutionary business conversations through The Becoming of Business. Linda was elected an Evolutionary Leader in 2022.

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Who Benefits from MQLE?

The Mindfulness Intelligence® Leadership Excellence program is designed for senior and mid-level managers, heads of start-ups and other organizational stewards who want to amplify their impact and step into their full potential to meet current challenges and future needs.

Professionals who have turned to the MQLE Program have felt held back by overwhelm, frustrations, and unfair breaks.

Some have hit the proverbial brick wall with their teams: with conflicts, poor collaboration, and difficult times. Some come with low confidence and poor self-esteem, feeling like they don't measure up. Others have lost their drive, their sense of meaning and joy in their work. 

They all have a sense that they have more to give on a higher level, and they share a desire to experience their full potential in an authentic, abundant, and meaningful way.

The MQLE Curriculum is built for busy professionals seeking to transform their lives and leadership skills for the new paradigm of business.

Mindfulness Intelligence is not limited to suit any one particular industry. 

Professionals Who...

  • Are going through transitions in their career and want to know how to make the right move
  • Want to reach their next leadership level without compromising what's important
  • Want to be greatly compensated
  • Want to develop their conscious awareness and executive presence
  • Are under a lot of pressure and stress, and can’t afford to make mistakes
  • Are implementing DEI or STG work, or other complex change-management
  • Want to grow with an international group of high-quality professionals
  • Need support as a minority or in other vulnerable positions
  • Want to finally feel great every day while making a meaningful difference.
MQLE Participating Industries To Date
MQLE Participating Roles To Date

How Do I Join?

The next step for you is to set up a call with or send an email to The Inner Business Institute to explore if MQLE will meet your objectives and solve your challenges. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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International Leadership Certification

Participants who complete the Mindfulness Intelligence® Leadership Excellence Program qualify for the international leadership certification MQLE.D, granted by the Inner Business Institute.

Being certified is a great mark of accomplishment. The certification is an important signal to your teams, your company, and your industry, that you are trained and highly skilled as a leader. 

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Program Experience

Hear Fortune 100 Group VP Marti Moore talk about the impact the MQLE program has made in her own life and the teams around her.

"This isn't just another leadership development program... it's like grade school compared to Linda's program."

"It's a program where you get to know yourself at a much deeper level, so that you can become the leader you were meant to be."

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More Information

If you have yet to talk to Linda Bjork about the MQLE Program, book your call here.

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Ready For Your Full Potential?

It requires courage to step onto the cutting edge of leadership and business. If you feel like a big level is for you, your next step is to set up a call. If you already have spoken to Linda Bjork and want to join now, find the checkout link here

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