MQLE Designation Certification

Participants who complete the Mindfulness Intelligence® Leadership Excellence Program qualify for the international leadership certification MQLE.D, granted by the Inner Business Institute.

Winning Reasons for an MQLE Certification:

  • Leadership Quality Assurance
  • Mark of Accomplishment
  • Sense of Team Pride and Belonging 
  • Signals External Confidence

Requirements for MQLE.D Certification

  1. Completion of the 8-module MQLE Program - via Corporate or Individual
  2. Submit MQLE.D Assessment
  3. Get approval post assessment from The Inner Business Institute

MQLE.D Certification Visibility

  • Official Digital Diploma
  • LinkedIn, Resumé, etc
  • Framed Official Paper Diploma

Requirements for MQLE.D Certification

You are likely to notice in a room who is an MQLE Graduate (and who is not). Still, an official Certification is a great token of accomplishment.

There are two different versions of the MQLE Program, either of which qualifies for an MQLE.D Certification:

  • The Corporate/Team MQLE Program, 8 live sessions over 8 weeks
  • The Individual MQLE Program, 8 sessions, 3 coaching sessions and weekly group calls for 12 weeks.

Once either of these programs is completed, graduates take a MQLE.D Assessment online, expected to take 15-20 minutes to complete.

MQLE.D Certification Visibility

When people have worked hard to become a great leader, they should have something to show for their efforts and new level.

Your accomplishment and new skill level will  be recognized through:

  • An Official MQLE.D Diploma from the MQ certification body The Inner Business Institute - available both as official digital copies and beautiful framable paper versions
  • The MQLE.D Certification can be listed on LinkedIn 
  • The MQLE.D Certification can be listed on Resumés and in Bios.

 MQLE.D Re-Certification

Why Do We Require A Re-Certification to Keep MQLE.D Active?

The requirements for being an excellent leader shift over time. More so, the world keeps shifting. What we learn in MQLE needs to be practiced and fine-tuned to meet the challenges of the present moment. With a re-certification process, the Inner Business Institute can assure the quality of leadership excellence over time. 

To keep your MQLE.D certification active, you will need to accumulate 15 CPEs within each 2-year recertification cycle (starting from your graduation date from the MQLE Training Program). CPE credits can be earned in several ways with continued transformation.

  • Free MQ Webinars
  • MQ Public Speeches
  • Book Signing Events
  • Advanced MQLE Training
  • MQLE International Group Membership
  • And more
MQLE for Individuals
MQLE for Companies