The Inner Business Institute

At the heart of every successful company are its peopleā€”their ideas, actions, and decision-making. Recognizing this, forward-thinking organizations are shifting their focus inward to the mental aptitude of their leaders, managers, and team members to achieveĀ transformation and exceed desiredĀ targets.Ā 

Since 2014, the Inner Business Institute has been focused on the mind's critical role in navigating business complexities, fostering leadership impact, and driving results. We've guided hundreds of organizations and thousands of professionals through transformational lectures, workshops, and programs, all grounded in our pioneering Mindfulness IntelligenceĀ® methodology.Ā 

We are the globally recognized certifying authority for Mindfulness IntelligenceĀ® and a nexus for progressive leadership education, helping professionals unlock their cognitive capabilities and apply deep insights to todayā€™s challenges and those on the horizon.Ā 

The Inner Business Institute is based in New York City and Greenwich, CT. Please email us at [email protected]Ā for any inquires.

Linda Bjork

At the helm of the Inner Business Institute is Linda Bjork, founder of Mindfulness IntelligenceĀ®, esteemed author, and acclaimed speaker. Her leadership book, ā€œInner Businessā€”Training Your Mind for Leadership Success,ā€ and her collaboration with Stephanie Mitchko on the book Mind Skills have made significant waves in the leadership arena.Ā Ā 

After studying Engineering and Fine Arts, Bjork began her pioneering path. She built her first website in 1994, worked in communication and branding, and quickly rose the ranks to become a Creative Director in corporate America at 29. Once a CEO at 33, Bjork developed innovative tools for emotional connection in branding and deployed mindfulness for her staff as early as 2007. The agency she led for ten years grew exponentially to become the agency of record for several global companies. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, and New York City, the agency won numerous awards under Bjorkā€™s leadership, including Agency of The Year 2009.Ā Ā 

Her journey from a standout Creative Director and CEO to an influential thought leader in human potential development reflects her passion for making meaningful change in business. Bjork's transformative mind training approach has benefited a diverse clientele, including Fortune 100 executives, military generals, and fashion moguls.Ā Ā 

Linda's dedication to leadership evolution led to her recognition as an Evolutionary Leader in 2022, placing her among luminaries like Deepak Chopra and Jean Houston. Her comprehensive expertise is supported by her engineering and fine arts background, certification in MBSR, success, and leadership coaching. SheĀ is an ordained Interfaith/Inter-spiritual Minister and inspires evolutionary business talks through her podcast, ā€œThe Becoming of Business.ā€Ā Ā 

Mindfulness IntelligenceĀ®

Mindfulness Intelligence is a powerful mind training approach designed to tackle the complex challenges within leadership.

By prioritizing personal growth and self-awareness, leaders can conquer barriers in themselves and their teams that block the collaborative flow, innovative heights, and exceptional deliveries.

Through a comprehensive framework of mental agility, leaders gain the tools to authentically engage their teams and drive extraordinary results while maintaining alignment with the organization's core values.

The Inner Business Institute is the global certification authority of Mindfulness IntelligenceĀ®. Find out more about the certification process here.

Mindfulness IntelligenceĀ® is a registered trademark.